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What's Our Background?

Welcome to our line of Vintage Paperback & Pulp Fiction Cover Art Postcards! Our latest offering of this campy art provides still more catchy titles and off-beat images for your family, friends, and colleagues. Give them a chuckle along with your postcard message! And be sure to keep some postcards for yourself!!

These images are irreverent and many are blatantly sexist, particularly by today's standards of "political correctness." However, their tongue-in-cheek campiness and humor "thumbs its nose" at such political correctness, captures a wonder slice of American mid-20th-Century pop culture and provides a sampling of the skillful art created by the pulp fiction cover artists of this period.

Now, for a Bit of Background: What got me started in this publishing business? This Web site is the result of a postcard publishing project I began in early 1995, using covers from my own collection of (what grew to be) some 20,000+ vintage paperback books. I'd previously seen a few other postcards with paperback covers as their focus, though saw two areas where I think the other publishers had missed the mark: 1) They presented a rather narrow view of cover genres, or themes; and 2) The covers were invariably photographed, so any imperfections present in the original cover, like reading creases, tears, chips, stains, smudges, as well as photographic light bounce, were all present in the final image.

(Additionally, I also possess a large collection of color negatives and baseball card-sized images of thousands of vintage paperbacks published from the 1940s and into the 1970s not only from the U.S., but Canada, Great Britain and Australia as well. Since I have since sold much of my paperback collection, these color negatives card-sized images provide a great array of paperback cover images from which to choose.)

I've decided from the beginning to improve upon both these two areas. First, I am selecting covers I feel represent strong cover art, great titles, and a wider range of themes. And second, am retouching the images so that they appear in what might have been "new" condition.. There has proven to be a large untapped interest in pulp fiction cover art like this. And hopefully, these postcards will continue to introduce people outside the paperback and pulp fiction collectors' world to this type of cover art and its artists.

In terms of postcard size, there are two: the shorter cards are a "standard" size of 4.25" x 6.0" (the maximum size allowed by the U.S. Post Office for its standard U.S. postcard rate), and a slightly taller size of 4.25" x 6.80", to accommodate the original taller-formatted paperback books. This taller size requires first class U.S. postage. Both sizes fit vertically in standard, "continental-sized" postcard racks. The back of each postcard also contains the publication year of the book or magazine, its title and, where known, the name of the cover artist.

Here's a link to Pulpcard's FAQs page with more detail on postcards' sizes + links to what the postcard backs look like: Postcard Sizes

Besides postcards, the line has been expanded to include other products featuring some or all of these images. And wholesale and dealer inquiries are always encouraged! Check out the page of additional products for more information about the product lines and contact information for any direct inquiries. And be sure to see other  available lines of items with these images by clicking HERE.

I hope you are as pleased with this postcard line as I am! Your emails of comments & suggestions about these postcards and requests for additional themes and book covers are always welcome. But most importantly, enjoy the wonderful cover art that these items represent!

For an interview-style of background information on my line of Pulp Fiction Postcards, go to our pulp articles page for a list of the writing of others.

- Jeff Luther/PC Design

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