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Over the years, a number of articles have appeared on-line about PC Design and our line of Pulp Fiction Postcards. In the cases of the Metro and TackyLiving, I was contacted directly. The other was written independently.

Update March, 2016:
A local weekly event here in Palm Springs is the year-around Thursday evening "VillageFest," an outdoor market which takes place along some 4-5 blocks on the downtown main street, N. Palm Canyon Drive. It is visited by many hundreds of visitors each week (and locals as well) and I have had a booth there (at space N106, the 4th space north of Tahquitz Canyon Way) since June, 2014. I sell many of my postcards + handmade refrigerator magnets of my Pulpcards' and other images.

In honor of VillageFest's upcoming 25th anniversary later this month, I was honored to be visited and interviewed by Bill Marchese last month, the author of the newspaper article that appeared in The Desert Sun. Click the "VillageFest Celebrating" article link --  the first link in the list below. The paragraph about "Pulp Fiction Postcards" is underlined in yellow, just below the large photo halfway down the article.
(Note that there was a mixup in the info. as reported by Mr. Marchese: He writes that after I "collected more than 300 paperbacks..." This is not quite true as I had some 3,000-4,000 paperbacks already collected by the time I began and released the first 24 of my line of postcards in May, 1995. The '300' might have referred to the entire line of Pulpcards, which is 312. And by the year 2000 or so my paperback collection had grown to something over 20,000. Not a typo, twenty thousand.)

For more information about the background of my line of Pulp Fiction postcards, click here: Company Background


Here's what others have had to write:

Palm Springs, CA Desert Sun newspaper - March 11, 2016: VillageFest Celebrating its 25th Anniversary
Commentary - 18 Jul 1998: Digital Postmodernist
Newspaper Article/Interview - Feb. 27, 1997: Metro Santa Cruz (California)
Postcard Collection Magazine Interview - April, 1998: PCCollector-041998.png
Interview by Tanya Inman - done ca 1997-1998: TackyLiving

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