"Vintage Paperback & Pulp Fiction Cover Art Postcards"

PC Design's Visitors' & Customers' Comments

(Thank you *One and All* for your wonderful (and unsolicited) feedback. I appreciate it!  - Jeff Luther )
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P.M. @ optonline.net: Customer wrote me about how he uses the Pulpcards he orders. To quote him:
"I use your post cards when I am on a long trip.   I send post cards that have nothing to do with where I am.  Its a huge hit with my friends and family."


George  @ gmail.com: [Jeff: this insightful and cleverly alliterative comment comes from a long-time wholesale customer. His first order was in 1996! ]

"[I believe that] your [Pulpcards] collection captures collectively, cogently, copiously and candidly the wonderfully real uncut rough and roguish under-edges of our civil social being."


  Dylan  @ gmail.com: [Jeff: this email reply from a new UK wholesale customer. Thanks much for your feedback, Dylan!]

"Just to let you know that the box has arrived and the cards [4 complete sets of 312] are absolutely fabulous!

Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing people's reaction at discovering some of these incredible images. The artists were clearly incredibly talented! Thank you for creating this absolutely brilliant historical record of this art genre,

I look forward to helping bring it into the forefront of people's minds! "


  Jeffrey R.  @ gmail.com: "I appreciated your superb help [with the Pulpcards order]! ... The reason I need those [Sci-Fi and other] pulp fiction postcards is for writing my stories on postcards to my friends.  Writing short stories is my niches of a new hobby.  [Each is a] short written story - it is sarcasm, funny and interesting."


  Jill  @ gmail.com: "I have almost used up my previous [Pulpcards] order so am restocking my card box. People sure like receiving these postcards - they make everyone smile.

I use them for quick "thank you" notes to pop into the mail, invitations, and just "hello" notes to friends and family. They seem to create a buzz wherever people receive them and I always get feedback from the recipients about the laughs they have over the cards.

(Jeff: Thank you, Jill!)"


  Mary N.  @ aol.com: "Postcards [a complete set of 312 Pulpcards for a new wholesale customer] arrived today and just briefly looked through them and must say they appear awesome! Thanks so much, hope to be returning for plenty more. They really look fabulous! Thanks so much for those really wonderfully unique Postcards.

(Jeff: Thank you, Mary, for your positive feedback!)"


  Greg  @ yahoo.com: "The postcards [2 complete sets of 312 Pulpcards] arrived today and I couldn't be more thrilled. The quality of the cardboard, the vivid coloring of the art design, the terrific thematic variety of the cards--it all combined to make a thoroughly satisfying order. I also liked that the cards varied between the two sizes."
[Jeff: Here's a FAQ on details about the 2 different postcard heights: Postcard Sizes]

"I shall be ordering another two sets in a few months, once I've mailed out some of these new beauties. Thanks again Jeff for the prompt and satisfying experience."


  Anuna  @ yahoo.com: "The postcards finally arrived today [in Australia] and they are fantastic, I love them!!!
I love your postcards and have used the [free] ecards many a time. I'm a vintage kinda gal and love the designs and humour!
P.S. my siblings loved your cards, my sister kept laughing......."


  T H  @ gmail.com: "I love your site and postcards, etc. I'd like to request a color catalogue... Your artwork is the coolest of cool! One of my forever favorites..."Bad Girls in the Big City"....ahahaha...Thanks so much!"


  Michael  @ hotmail.com: "I never got around to thanking you for the terrific service [for the Complete Set of all 312 Pulpcards Michael had ordered]. Everything was done perfectly. Terrific communication. Lightning fast delivery. Quality postcards. Thanks a bunch."


  Holly  @ sprint.com: "I purchased these cards [shown in her frame image] from you ...at the [Palm Springs Thurs. eve outdoor] street fair. I finally had a chance to frame them. I thought it turned out really well. I wanted to share with you since you sold them to me. Thanks again!"

(Jeff: You're welcome, Holly! Note to all that I have a booth at this weekly Palm Springs 'VillageFest' outdoor market and sell my postcards, fridge magnets of paperback covers (many Pulpcards' fridge magnets are available as well on my Etsy site, PulpArtProducts ) + used LP Records. If you're here in town some Thursday eve and have a chance, come see the 5-block long market in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. I have a booth just north of Taquitz Canyon Rd., booth # N106. It'd be great to say 'Hi!')


  R.  @ wavecable.com: "I'm just happy you are still out there [after not ordering for several years]! The postcards are so great, and they are a hit with everyone I send them to! Thanks for getting my order out to me so quickly. :)"


  Kirsten @ hotmail.com: "I am vey impressed with the [Pulp] Postcards and would love to be a sales rep."


  Lisa @ yahoo.com: "Thanks [for mailing a catalog]! I'll be looking forward to perusing your wonderful merchandise! I love your postcards. A place in town, Curious Book Shop in East Lansing, MI, carries some of them. Can you even imagine my excitement when I hit upon your website and discovered I could get a whole catalogs worth? YEE HAW! I said. While I have bought a few from Curious, whenever I'm there I always look through them all but can never decide which one's I want (all) so usually go away without. With a catalog I can plan my attack and be more prepared to actually purchase some. And your catalog will have even more to choose from... ahhhhh... postcard ecstasy! "


  Linda @ gmail.com: Coffee House owner and long-time Pulpcards customer writes: "Thank you [for filling a recent postcards order] and we look forward to receiving the cards. Our customers love them!"


  R.C. @ Wizxxx.com: "I love the pulp and you guys have fantastic stuff."
166   Rick via order form: "Great stuff!"
165   Teresa @ yahoo.com: "love your stuff... Oh, how I love your cards. Ordered them before and they crack me up and I just love them."
164   Mariah @ cox.net: Re: Pulp cards order in the mail - "Thank you very much for being so speedy!  I will tell more people of your website!"
163   Marc @ Hxxx.net.: "I'm a longtime customer. It warms the cockles of my old, cold black heart when visiting a friend(s) after a long time absence to see one of your pulp cards from me taped to the 'fridge door as I place the beer inside. Great stuff! (Both the cards and beer)."
162   Nathan @ gmail.com: "I can't get enough PULP action! Thanks for being so awesome... I'm going to order some up the next time I get paid.    Thanks! - Nathan"
161   SMc @ primus.com.au: "Great site. Loved the artwork and the easily accessible layout of the webpage. Thanks."
160   Hillary @ yahoo.com: "I received my order in the mail today and wanted to thank you for the quick delivery. It is nice to have such a great resource for fun, unique postcards. I look forward to ordering more in the future. Thank you!"
159   Holly @ xxxx.com: "I would like to thank you for my Pulp Cards order.  I received the cards today, and I appreciate the condition in which they arrived, and I am VERY happy with the quality."
158   'Notorious Redhead': "THANK YOU so much for your generosity of free e-cards and for such a great website and the willingness to keep pulp classics alive!!  My band of merry friends and I are so into this genre and I am having a titillating good time with one that I have a crush on and am able to tease him unmercifully as I think of ways to torture him with wanton desire thanks to your plethora of naughtiness!!  Keep up the good work! ;o)

"...simply signed, 'Notorious Redhead'. She didn't want her identity known. She wanted the man to herself and she couldn't risk any trouble from the other woman. The other woman was known for her dangerous temper. A temper that snake charmers knew all too well. So, she kept her identity silent. Safer that way. More decadently dangerous and exhilarating at the same time. The way she liked her men."
157   Pete @ comcast.net: "I've always been a huge fan of this design genre. Its nice to see somebody working to preserve it and make it available to a new audiences. The cultural significance is another reason I'm so happy to see this site and your work. Particularly now when there is so much social division over issues of sex and sex orientation... Thank you for your great contribution to both the web and American culture."
156   Alisa @ zoominternet.net: "I love your site!  The vintage post cards are wonderful."
155   Sunny @ comcast.net: "I was wondering about [licensing] some of the fantastic images I found on your website. First, may I say what an excellent selection of pulp fiction you have. Also, the design of your website is great and very easy to navigate."
154   Theresa @ bellsouth.net: "Found your site and think it's absolutely great. Your postcards are a scream!"
153   Michael @ worldnet.att.net: "I love your site and all the great post cards... what a great idea. I was looking for interesting postcards that I could send to my friends and family with the occasional note."
152   Kyle @ xxxx.com: "Thank you so much for the prompt shipping. I got the package on Saturday! I will definitely recommend your website to other people."
151   VK @ bellsouth.net: "You've got a lot of cute postcards."
150   GBK @ hotmail.com: "I love your products; I can spend hours just cruising the [Pulp Art Products] site."
149   Meredith @ earthlink.net: "Love your stuff! Looking forward to the [wholesale information and] catalog!"
148   Lotta @ xxxx.org: "Your [Pulp Art Products] website made my day! This is what I've been looking for."
147   from The Schism Matrix: "Brighten someone's day with a rockin' sci-fi pulp [electronic] postcard. If you ask me, even at their crassest, crudest and most down-market, these works radiate a mind-expanding, life-affirming virtue. Especially compared to these gruesome relics of the juvenile-delinquency exploitation industry: Juvenile Delinquency Digital Postcards.
Or these ultra-squalid visions of Burroughsian [Jeff: William Burroughs wrote as William Lee when he authored "Junkie"] drug abuse: Drug-Related Digital Postcards.
146   from The Nutlog Archive in the UK: "I've been giggling atIIpulpcards.com - 'mid-20th century pop fiction Americana at its best!'. I especially like 'I Married a Dead Man!'."
145   Karen @ xxxx.com: "Many thanks for the super "Sinners' Game" postcards! I gave some of them to Linton Baldwin [the author of the novel], who was delighted and most appreciative."
[from Jeff: Mr. Baldwin and I have been in contact with one another before: I was happy to hear from him, be allowed to use his novel cover as a postcard, and particularly delighted that I could help popularize his book!]
144   Lauren @ msn.com: "I was at a little bar in Key West this weekend and they had your postcards covering the entire ceiling and walls of the place...it looked so cool! I'd like to recreate that look in my bathroom. How much would you charge for an entire set of pulpcards??"
[from Jeff: Retail price for the set of 312 postcards is $159.95 + shipping. Click here to access our Retail Customer information and retail order form. And if anyone else gets to that bar in Key West, tell them Jeff said "Hi!" And send me a photo, please!]
143   Tallulah: "Pulp Postcards features a large array of off-beat pop-culture postcards from the 1930's to the 1970's painted by many of the best pulp fiction artists today. This is a great site and well-worth a visit."
142   Fallon @ yahoo.com: "I love your website and the products you sell! I've been looking everywhere on the web for a website that sold Pulp Fic related [online Pulp Art] Products store."
141   Kathy @ attbi.com: "PS: We're loving these cards, by the way. We have them in [the] window [of our bookstore in Boston], and the most unlikely people (kids for whom books are an anathema) come in to check them out."
140   Spooky Librarian's Folderol: "If you like B-movies and trashy novels, you'll love PulpCards. Send cards with images like "I Was a Drug Addict" and [other drug-related book covers] and lots more!"
139   Jenn @ xxxx.com: "Thanks so much for [saying I would send] the catalog, I can’t wait to get it, I love your product. I found them in Austin and have hung on to them for months as I gathered info to get my [new retail] store going."
138   Lydia @ teleport.com: "...People love the postcards...--the stuff you guys have is very popular. The key chains and T-Shirts [JL: no longer available] are very cool. ... nothing replaces a new monthly campy selection [available in upcoming Pulp Notes newsletters] of some amazing stereotypes engaged in distasteful behavior... I'm really fond of "Sin on Wheels"--boy even in the 1950's the trailer trash was hot. Things certainly have changed! I feel so plain now. I really thought that your newsletter [Pulp Notes #1 describing the history of the term "Pulp Fiction"] was interesting. I'm all over it. I'm a professional anthropologist and archaeologist so your historical overview was welcomed. To me the context and background give the cultural item more meaning, so keep up the good work."
137   Lydia @ aol.com: "Dear Jeffrey, In [a] world gone haywire from the get go, I can't thank you enough for the respite from terrorism your cards provide for me and my friends and family who use them. You are an absolute genius and a gift to us all!!!"
136   William @ earthlink.net: "Thank You for this excellent site. I am of the baby boomer generation and I have not seen a collection like this since the 60's. Intriguing, sensual, and sexy. You deserve an award for preserving this bit of Americana. Kudo's."
135   Jobby @ xxxx.com: "I looked and looked on the internet for a definition of "pulp fiction" and found your page, ** PULP FICTION NOTES LETTER #1 ** Excellent definition; thanks."
134   Stacie @ hotmail.com: "I love my cards!  Those naughty-girl cards just, um, do it for me I guess. I may have to order more!"
133   Barbara @ yahoo.com: "Your cards are funny as Hell and I am sending them to all my friends! Great idea!."
132   Kat @ aol.com: "[T]hanks for an extremely cool site. I've pointed all my friends here!!."
131   Tracy @ xxxx.com: "You're postcards are fabulous! It's exactly what i wish I had on my own website..."
130   Rene @ juno.com: "Fan mail to a web-site? What can I say, my world has officially been rocked. Thanks for existing!"
129   Robert @ execulink.com: "Killer site. Brilliant product line. Attentive, quick and efficient [wholesale/dealer] service, great prices and fabulous cards that actually SELL. It doesn't get any better than Pulpcards."
128   Molly @ hotmail.com: "You guys [from Jeff: just me running the 'show'!] have a lot of cool stuff. It's really refreshing."
127   Nic @ aol.com: "Fantastic service [with a postcard order]! Keep it up!"
126   Dan @ torrnet.com: "Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that the package [3 Pulp Fiction Postcards books - Pulp Fiction Journals are now available] made it here at 12:30 on Monday April 16th. Basically, I wanted to say that it arrived here faster than I expected and I wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent customer service. Too often we hear the bitching and complaining when things don't go right and seldom hear a good word when they do. Thank you for making the transaction completely smooth."
125   Pxxx @ club-internet.fr: "Just to say that I think your site is fabulous!"
124   John @ hotmail.com: "I love your cool web site. You've done a fine thing for us all. It's got great style and stuff...  Your web site is great. Thank you."
123   Hayduke @ xxxx.com: "Great Site!!! I found your cards in a shop in Brattleboro, VT and picked up a bunch. Great stuff! Keep on' keepin' on!. I be placing an order for 42 in a week or so ;-)"
122   Kurt @ aol.com: "Being a huge fan of 'Pulp Fiction' artwork I was really knocked out by your excellent 'site' with all the great examples of original high-camp illustrations. I especially enjoyed the very cool Sci-Fi & Fantasy selections. When I saw that you offered digital postcards with music I had to try one out. It was a lot of fun putting the thing together and I'm sure my friend
enjoyed it. Thanks a bunch for this 'FREE' service."
121   Mike @ gci.net: "Just wanted to drop you a note to say--Super Website!! I've sent a couple of the e-postcards to people who'd appreciate them.... I like the covers, also liked your newsletter--can't wait to see more."
120   Sarah @ xxxx.edu: "Love your stuff! And my friends love getting them in the mail...."
119   Alisa @ hotmail.com: "Please send me your catalog as soon as possible I want to start my Christmas shopping early and love all of your stuff!!! Just wanted to say thanks alot for sending [a catalog] out so quick!!! I'm in love with all of your stuff!!! I will be ordering tons!"
118   Dan @ virginia.edu: "Your website is truly one of the very best. And I can hardly bear to send the postcards I bought from you!"
117   Hilary @ go.com: "I LOVE your cards. I saw them in a bookstore in Bozeman, and had to buy a bunch. They're just so damn funny! I'll encourage my college bookstore to purchase some."
116   Elaine @ VxxxGxxxx.com: "I absolutely LOVE the cards. After I close on my house and get a car next month, I'm going to buy the whole stack."
115   Angela @ aol.com: "LOVE THIS SITE!!!"
114   Teresa @ hotmail.com: "GREAT SITE!"
113   Lisa @ musicxxxx.com: "i love your site!"
112   Jodel @ xxxx.com: "more more more of this incredibly groovy stuff, please please!!"
111   Julie @ nebi.com: "I love your web site!!!   Please contact me [about] your very cool merchandise!!"
110   Peggy @ hotmail.com: "awesome site-- I've always loved these cheesy old books too"
109   Jacqui @ ipaper.com: "let me just say that I love your site and I love this stuff!!!!! I have been looking for a place to get this kind of stuff for over 2 years!!!!!! Thank you for having such a great site!"
108   Brett @ aol.com: "I just stumbled on to your wedsite and think that it's fantastic."
107   Michael @ earthlink.net: "what a fabulous and unprecedented selection!"
106   Robert @ earthlink.net: "terrific site!!! I'm sending this address to my friends and family. Totally unique!"
105   Edward @ grannymail.com: "I hope that you and I are not the only people who love these images. I really think your post cards [that I bought from you] are a kick! Great!"
104   Leah @ webtv.net: "This is a great website. Really love the postcards. Just sent my first [digital postcard]. Great!"
103   Bonnie @ earthlink.net: "I love your site and your ideas. Keep up the great work! Sorry I didn't know about your site earlier. "
102   Karl @ aol.com: "Just want to let you know what a great site you have, really dig it! Thanks for the work you have done!"
101   Susan @ aol.com: "I love your stuff- I'd love to see more!!!!!!!!!!  GOOD JOB!"
100   Nick @ netscape.net: "I finally received your catalog last week and it is as great as your incredible website (which I have been recommending to people everyday). As a pop culture historian it does my heart good to see such a glorious tribute to the art of popular illustration. Thank you for your catalog and your website."
99   Paul @ uea.ac.uk: "I absolutely love the site!"
98   Mathilda @ aol.com: "I LOVE your site and have been using [the Digital Postcard section] for a VERY LONG TIME."
97   Dave @ cs.com: "I probably use this site as any on the web. It is clever, entertaining and has a hard edge. My friends and I never cease getting a thrill out of it. Thanks so much for your hard work. It certainly has paid off."
96   Teresa @ earthlink.net: "Love the new music addition [to the Digital Pulp Fiction Postcard area]. How Fun!! Thanks!!"
95   Lisa @ mindspring.com: "Love the cards!!!!"
94   Bob @ istar.ca: "One of my favorites, made even better with your [new Pulp Fiction Postcards for 2000] updates."
93   Dxx @ ticketmaster.ca: "I just want to commend you on a wonderful site.."
92   Hxx @ yahoo.com: "this is so diggable and thanks fer bringin' the old days back!"
91   Pxx @ hotmail.com: "Wonderful 'terrible' stuff!"
90   Cxx @ Ixxxx.org: "I just received my pack of postcards, and they are fabulous! Thanks SO much for the prompt delivery! I am so glad I found your site!! I will be ordering from you in the future. Love them, love them. Thank you! My friend will adore them, and I will be a big hero!"
89   Sunny @ worldnet.att.net: "I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your product. I received my most recent order last night, and was just thrilled. I'm currently busy mentally rearranging the wall space in my home to accomodate the new cards. I've kinda got a "Bad Girl/Love Shack/Tiki Room theme going on, and these cards are just perfect. Thanks so much."
88   Cxx from Texas: "I just received my pack of postcards, and they are fabulous! Thanks SO much for the prompt delivery! I am so glad I found your site!! I will be ordering from you in the future... Love them, love them. Thank you! My friend will adore them, and I will be a big hero!."
87   Kate @ hotmail.com: "I LOVE THEM!!!! I already have a good collection of your cards."
86   Bxx @ pacbell.net: "cool website!"
85   Barry @ yahoo.com: "g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s line!!!!!! please RUSH catalog"
84   James @ hotmail.com: "love the postcards - please send catalogue"
83   Jen @ hotmail.com: "I think this is a kick ass site!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
82   Emmy @ cyberhighway.net: "cool and groovy"
81   Molly @ yahoo.com: "I love your pages..."
80   Heather @ mailexcite.com: "I can't wait to get this catalog! Your site is great!"
79   Cara @ hotmail.com: "I love your site! I have been collecting the postcards for a couple of years now, and can't get enough of them... your site was a godsend!"
78   Sxx @ eisa.com.au: "Your range of cards is gorgeous and I have many in my collection."
77   Khris @ yahoo.com: "Fabulous site!!! I've been looking for many of the postcards that you have! Thanks."
76   Judi @ hotmail.com: "You have a *wonderful* web site."
75   Exx @ tcac.net: "...you have the coolest site I have ever seen in my whole life. What a funky deal I stumbled upon, wish you were my neighbor."
74   Erica @ hotmail.com: "I'm so happy I found a place with this stuff! I LOVE it!"
73   Debbie @ webtv.net: "Would love a catalog,....your stuff is great!!!!"
72   Cxx @ wilsonandhorton.co.nz: "Excellent site - wonderful subject - brilliant graphics"
71   Axx @ scottishbooks.org: "this is one of the best sites I've been on, ever!!! i love it."
70   Axx @ globaldialog.com: "Absolutely great site!!!!!!"
69   John @ aol.com: "Great site. Can't wait to see more!!."
68   Bxx @ erols.com: "This [Digital Pulp Fiction Postcard site] is truly the best virtual postcard site! Thanks."
67   Lxx @ trulok.com: "These post cards are the bomb!! Good work."
66   Lisa @ hotmail.com: "love the site!!"
65   Bill @ osc.state.ny.us: "I've seen and bought a few of these cards in bookstores, but just a few. it was great to find your site. looking forward to the catalog and to ordering."
64   Kxx @ jeack.com.au: "I recently bought a few of your cards from a bookstore in Melbourne and would love to see more of the range as the store only stocked a small number. Your site is great too!"
63   Lily @ csum.edu: "You are really cool."
62   Amy @ aol.com: "I picked up a few postcards in Austin at SXSW. A 'zine writer myself, I'm so inspired by the beautiful and intricate illustrations, that I want to learn more about "'zines" of the '30's. A break from the usual punkrock art I am accustomed to. "
61   Laura @ bmhcc.org: "Your cards are terrific!! I've seen cards like this only rarely in stores so it's fun to find a source for them."
60   Diane @ aol.com: "Absolutely love this site! Thanks"
59   Alexander @ aol.com: "Great Cards! I've been collecting a bunch of them from my local Barnes and Noble store."
58   Kristie @ hotmail.com: "I can't wait to get your catalog. I love postcards. Any and All! Thank you for having a catalog."
57   Wim @ knoware.nl: "Beautiful site: best electronic postcards on the Net."
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52   Michelle @ gateway.net: "Love them cards. I'm addicted!!!"
51   Cxx @ nmsu.edu: "As a hopeless retro fan, I'm in love with this site."
50   R.R. @ buckheadatlanta.com: "Wahoo for you! I collect the books, picked up some postcards in a local shop, and I wanna see more! Great work!"
49   Kaye @ primenet.com: "My friend just sent me a electronic postcard from your site, and my husband and I have been setting here viewing your creativity. We have laughed since we “arrived”. Thank you. I will send the cards to others so they can appreciate what you have accomplished!"
48   Mike @ amsworld.net: "I have seen a number of postcard sites and yours has amazing variety, eye-catching graphics, and great utilities in sending these cards. I have been a fan of this "tawdry genre", and you have added a sense of good-spirited humor along with a clean-cut and professional appearance. My congratulations on this product site! Great design and functionality!"
47   Cynthia @ donut.ml.org: "I LOVE YOUR WACKY POSTCARDS!"
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41   Axx @ studio28.net: "It is one of the best sites that I have come across. I've built up quite a collection of your cards and am looking forward to enlarging it."
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36   Spock @ aol.com: "Best cards on the Net!!!!! Thank you, guys, you're the greatest!!!"
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31   Dxx @ aol.com: "Great idea!"
30   Sybille @ gateway.net: "My husband & I love your pulp fiction line! We will be ordering all of them."
29   Russell @ ober.com: "You may or may not remember, but a few years back we got a bunch of postcards from you for use as our wedding invitation ("Why Get Married" [PC-061]) and our thank-you's ("Shameless Honeymoon"[PC-011])...well now we've got a baby on the way and would like to continue the tradition...could you send us your most recent catalogue?"
[from Jeff: Russell and his wife did use another Pulp Postcards as their baby announcement: "Small Talk"[PC-027] !!]
28   Nick @ earthlink.net: "Great stuff!!! Please send me a postcard catalog."
27   Jessica @ hotmail.com: "This stuff kicks *ss."
26   Susan @ pacbell.net: "Great looking cards!"
25   Dxx @ aol.com: "I loved this site, especially the electronic postcards."
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18   Colleen @ yahoo.com: "All of my friends have loved the "I was a teenybopper for the CIA" [digital post]card (PC-231)... It just plain ROCKS!"
17   Rik @ hotmail.com: "Wonderful page!"
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