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Dealer & Wholesale Information Page

Welcome to PC Design's information page for wholesale and dealer customers! Much of the information here is also provided via the introduction letter I initially send out when you request a catalog and dealer information. This information is included here for reference as well.

If you have NOT requested a postcard catalog yet and want one, go to the Request Wholesale Information section.

Other information on this page: Products Available from PC Design (postcards and keychains)
Wholesale POSTCARDS Order Form
Wholesale KEYCHAINS Order Form
Products from Other Companies
Postcard Spinner Racks
PC Design's Contact Information

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Request Wholesale Information

Wholesale intro. letter
in PDF format:
U.S./CANADIAN dealers, click HERE [file size: 111k]

Other INTERNATIONAL dealers, click HERE [file size: 115k]

Wholesale/Dealer Inquiry: email Jeff at PC Design.

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Wholesale Products Available From PC Design

P o s t c a r d s

WHOLESALE Pricing and Minimums: ** Postcards are US$4.20/dozen, with a 24 dozen order minimum. I also offer a discount of 10% on orders of 100 dozen or more, so be sure to ask about it or mention it in the "Special Instructions" section of the order form.

** a Complete Set of 312 postcards: $124.80 + shipping.
Available Postcards: View our line of  312 Pulp Fiction Postcards.

View ONLINE our  Pulp Fiction Postcards Catalog
POSTCARDS ORDER FORM: ** Click HERE to view and download our WHOLESALE POSTCARDS ORDER FORM in Adobe's Acrobat or Reader PDF format. [file size: 316k]

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K e y c h a i n s

Pricing and Minimums: Keychains are US$1.75 each, with a 24 piece order minimum.
Available Keychains: View the 11 available keychains shown on our web page -- a link to the WHOLESALE KEYCHAINS ORDER FORM is right below.
KEYCHAINS ORDER FORM: Click HERE to view and download our WHOLESALE KEYCHAINS ORDER FORM in Adobe's Acrobat PDF format. [file size: 110k]

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O n l i n e   S t o r e   o f   P u l p   A r t   P r o d u c t  s

Visit our Online Store: PULPART - and contact PC Design if you are interested in quantity purchases of items available there.

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Products Available From Other Companies

Other Pulp Fiction Products

Click here to view our Products web page. You will want to contact these companies directly about carrying their product(s).

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Recommended Postcard Spinner Racks

24 Pocket Table/Counter Model:


I recently purchased 8 of these spinner racks so I can display my Pulpcards here in Palm Springs at a year-round weekly Thursday evening VillageFest outdoor market.

The market runs 6pm-10p during the High Season (Oct-May) and 7pm-10p during the low season (June-Sept.), though the street is open earlier so people can wander about. My booth is N106, the 4th booth north of Taquitz Canyon Rd. on the east side of the main downtown street, Palm Canyon Drive.

>> If you are in Palm Springs be sure to stop by and say Hello! <<


48 Pocket Floor Model:

Utility Engineering Company

I use floor model #48 DVF 100, which holds 48 vertical postcards. This 4-sided model is approximately 18" diagonally and about 50" tall and works well for displaying inventory.

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PC Design's Contact Information
owner: Jeff Luther
business name: PC Design (this is a home-based business)
bus. address: <see mailing address and fax # information below>
email: <see email link below>
our Online Store: PULPART - Pulp Art Products

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