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<no cover blurb> <no cover blurb> <no cover blurb> A Bertha Cool Mystery She Was a Beautiful Matress-Tester and She Bounced Our Private-Eye Into a Double-Bed of Trouble... A Redhead, A Roulette Wheel, and Murder a la Chandler
PC-209 PC-197 PC-057 PC-155 PC-089 PC-046
Homicide in Hollywood She Was Seductive and Dangerous A Gorgeous Siren Marked for Death <no cover blurb> An Intricate Puzzle Cleverly Constructed and Neatly Solved. Unable to Love, He Was Driven by an Insane Desire to Kill
PC-214 PC-175 PC-065 PC-017 PC-002 PC-230
A Thrilling Story of the Military Intelligence Service A Young Negro Policeman Puts His Life on the Line... A Double Action Detective Novel She Wasn't Ready for Death From the Private Annals of the Shadow...
Green PC-301 PC-138 PC-072 PC-049

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