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She Made a Business of Pleasure A Strip of Tickets Was Her Passport to Passion! You've Heard About Girls Like Sherry... <no cover blurb> Let Love Come First, Last, and Always! She Knew Her Way Around Men Bohemian Love, Erotic Artists, Underworld Trysts and Passionate Ambition... On Her Wedding Night, A Strange Man Walked In...
PC-039 PC-305 PC-295 PC-292 PC-192 PC-001 PC-060 PC-127
Love Life of a Model A Gentleman's Guide To Seduction In 8 Easy Lessons A Novel Packed With Exotic Thrills! He Was a Wolf In the Asphalt Jungle, Fair Game For a Tigress on the Prowl Once a Woman Has Loved, Can She Ever Stop Wanting? The Look in Her Eyes Would Set Any Man's Blood On Fire... The Hunter Becomes the Prey in a Deadly Game... Mad, Unholy Desire, Strange Diabolical Hate and an All-Consuming Love...
PC-062 PC-056 PC-139 PC-223 PC-306 PC-110 PC-222 PC-064
The Torrid Tale of a Town More Wicked Than Peyton Place! Oh, What a Gal Was Quickie! One Man Loved Her... Another Man Desired Her... and She Found a Way to Please Them Both! The Private Life of a VERY Warm-Blooded Girl! The Amazing Story of Carrie -- Daughter of Sin <no cover blurb> On a World Older than Time, Built Upon Dope and Sin, This was... A Tough Kid -- A Con Man -- and a TNT Blonde
PC-068 PC-137 PC-156 PC-271 PC-281 PC-152 PC-203 PC-241
<no cover blurb> She Was a Cheap Tramp, But She Was a Luscious Woman... and He Wanted Her! She Sang For Her Supper, But Did Something Else For Her Midnight Snack <no cover blurb> He Was a Pushover For a Dame A Spicy, Racy Tale of Broadway... If You Wanted Pleasure, Kay Would Give You a Fling! <no cover blurb>
PC-018 PC-141 PC-226 PC-302 PC-250 PC-045 PC-240 PC-035
To Rule the World Their Passion Plan Needed... She Learned About Sex From an Earth-man! How Bad Can A Girl Get? Husbands Called Her "Divorce Bait." "I'm Not At All Sure I Want To Be A Lady..." A Gold-Digging Blonde, A Handsome Rake, and the Girl Who Didn't Know the Answers Nature Gave Fay Everything -- But Morals  
Sinners Rogue Pick-Up Love! Untamed Baggage Take Her

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