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Vintage Paperback & Pulp Fiction Related Web Sites:

Adventure House: Pulp Magazine reprint house. Also has many Pulp-oriented products for sale.
D.J. Collins, Bookseller: "A great source for vintage paperbacks with wonderful cover scans."
Jamie Fraser - Thrilling Detective: A website devoted to the Pulps in all their glory! His TRIVIA page is a good jumping-off point for history, books, authors, films and other topics related to the Pulp Magazines of long ago.
Hard-Boiled Slang: "Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang"
Bruce Black @ BookScans.com: "Graphically Illustrating the evolution of Vintage American Paperbacks - 1939 through 1959 (and beyond)"
Alex Henzel: Good Girl Art (GGA, 'girlie") paperbacks.
Jaap Van Deijk's Pulp Art Palace: "On this and following pages you can find all kinds of Pulp Art. " + Links to other web sites featuring pulp cover art.
Robert McGinnis: Site devoted to this top-notch paperback cover artist.
Frank R. Paul: Site devoted to the SF pulp magazines cover artist.
Richard M. Powers: Site devoted to this great SF paperback cover artist.
Norman Saunders: Site devoted to the great pulp magazines cover artist.
Strange Sisters: Site devoted specifically to Lesbian paperbacks and paperback covers.
Tawdry Town: A web site devoted to the Vintage Paperback book.
Vintage Impressions: They carry rare and out-of-print vintage paperbacks, pulp magazines and other items..
Vintage PBs & Digests: Bruce Brenner's great site devoted to vintage paperback and digest cover art.
Waystation Central: Information about Pulp authors, artists, links to Web sites, etc.
handjob-hd.net: Handjob porn blog. Thousands of great clips.

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Bi-Monthly Publication for Collectors:

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